Developmental Programme for 2-3 Year-Olds

SureStart Developmental Programme for 2-3 Year-Olds is an initiative for two-year-old children within the SureStart catchment area.

SureStart Developmental Programme for 2-3 Year-Olds is an initiative through the Department of Education (with no financial cost to parents) for two-year-old children within the SureStart catchment area. 

We deliver 5 programmes, with 60 places in total. They run 3 days per week, with 2.5-hour sessions per day. 

The programme acknowledges the importance of these early years and recognises the parents as primary early educators as they are the people who have the biggest impact on a child’s life.  

The aim of the programme is to support that role and help the child develop to their full potential. 

The Sure Start Developmental Programme for 2 – 3-year-olds meets the individual child’s needs in a child-centred environment that uses a holistic approach. 

In addition to the usual play experiences, your child will have additional sensory play experiences using natural and household materials that they can explore in a safe environment with the support of staff.

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Family Health and Wellbeing

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