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Infant Mental Health

It can be quite confusing to think about mental health for babies as often we talk about mental health in the context of adults. But a baby's mental health is about feeling safe, secure and connected to the important people in their life. Their self-esteem and confidence are built through positive, loving and caring interactions with others – right from the very beginning!

To encourage your child's healthy mental health - Songs and rhymes are a cornerstone of language development, positive interaction and early learning in childhood. Some of your earliest memories may be of a family member or friend singing with you to ‘Round and Round the Garden’ or ‘Two Little Dickie Birds’. This is because from before we are born, our ears tune in to the rhythms and sounds of language.

Don't hold back - let your baby know how much you love them and how special they are to you. Smiles, cuddles and encouraging words are little everyday things which make a big difference!

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