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The 1998 documentary film "Futuro: A New Stance for Tomorrow" directed by Mika Taanila and researched, written and edited by Taanila and Marko Home tells the "Futuro story" up to the point in time the film was produced and it features great footage of Futuros and interviews with several Futuro "celebrities" including, among others, Matti Suuronen [architect and Futuro designer], Matti Kuusla [owner of Futuro 001], Ensio Söderström [CEO of Polykem Oy] and Charles Wilp [artist & Futuro owner].The Finnish Broadcasting Company [YLE] broadcast the film four times between 1998 and 2000 and recently ran the film five days in a row starting 050219. They have also added the film to their website and it can be viewed/streamed until 052919. While the film will not have subtitles and is mostly in Finnish there are also some parts with English dialogue. That said if you have never seen the film this is a great opportunity to do so; even if you miss much of the dialogue some of the archival footage is well worth a look so take the chance while it is available!


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The Marseille Futuro, along with other structures, will be on display as part of an exhibition titled "L'Utopie De L'Habitat Plastique" or, according to Google Translate "The Utopia Of Plastic Habitat" which is subtitled "Years 1960-1970" and scheduled to run July through September 2017 at la Friche de l'Escalette outside Marseille, France. 041b061a72


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