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Bogdan Bulls
Bogdan Bulls

The Chaser

We investigated the neural correlates of chasing perception in infancy to determine whether animated interactions are processed as social events. By using EEG and an ERP design with animations of simple geometric shapes, we examined whether the positive posterior (P400) component, previously found in response to social stimuli, as well as the attention related negative fronto-central component (Nc), differs when infants observed a chaser versus a non-chaser. In Study 1, the chaser was compared to an inanimate object. In Study 2, the chaser was compared to an animate but not chasing agent (randomly moving agent). Results demonstrate no difference in the Nc component, but statistically higher P400 amplitude when the chasing agent was compared to either an inanimate object or a random object. We also find a difference in the N290 component in both studies and in the P200 component in Study 2, when the chasing agent is compared to the randomly moving agent. The present studies demonstrate for the first time that infants' process correlated motion such as chasing as a social interaction. The perception of the chasing agent elicits stronger time-locked responses, denoting a link between motion perception and social cognition.

The Chaser

We will first do the chaser drill with no basketballs. Players will partner up and each player will get on one side of the circle. One player will be the tagger and the other player will be fleeing.

Walsh genuinely doesn't know which chaser is going to appear on each episode. New chaser Jenny 'the vixen' Ryan told us she tiptoes into the studio so Walsh can't hear her heels clicking on the floor!

It may look like chasers pluck the figures they offer the contestants out of thin air, but producers tell them what they can offer before they sit at the desk. So the chasers don't have to take a calculator to their desk too, it seems.

  • The chaser editor, as its name suggests, is used to edit Chaser functions.A Chaser is composed by steps and each step is represented by A progressive number

  • The related function name

  • Fade in time

  • Hold time

  • Fade out time

  • Step total duration time

  • A note field in case you need to write something to remember what the step does

The timings steps and the note field can be modified by double clicking on them.By default the times are taken in seconds (for example 135 means 2m15s), unlessyou use the same syntax QLC+ uses (for example 1m12s.80)

4. Brig Escort Chaser Classes are normally scheduled on two Tuesdays of each month. In order to attend the chaser class, units are required to send a signed copy of the pre-screening letter via e-mail to the Brig Training Staff or have students bring a signed copy to the course. There is a maximum of 15 attendees per unit but this can be waived depending on the projected attendance. There is a maximum of 100 seats per course; seats are first come first served. The class begins promptly at 0730 until 1100. Attendees who show up after 0730 will be turned away!

In the beginning of each round, a virus infects one random player, who then becomes the Chaser. The virus that infects the player depends on what viral booster they have. By default, the Demon Virus will infect the player. To obtain other chaser viris, one must purchase them at the AP store.

The person who is selected as Chaser receives increased stats: damage resistance,attack power,reload speed,movement speed,quantity of SP,rapid fire of all weapons.Moreover, the Chaser's vision is filtered in shades of black and gray with players highlighted in a red tint, making it slightly harder to see. Other players will hear the sound of a heartbeat if the chaser is close-by. Use this to your advantage to either hide, or defend your fellow teammates.

Theoretically, everyone has an even chance to be chosen as the Chaser, should the match start and end with the same amount of players. There will be times a player will never be chaser, or times where a player is chaser 8 times while everyone else has been chaser twice. The chances of being chaser is theorectically 1 to [insert total number of players]. However, should a player enter the game where everyone else has been Chaser at least twice or so, the new player will become the Chaser, regardless. There have been instances that the newly joined player of a game becomes Chaser multiple times in a row.

Non-chaser players with the highest score will be marked with a green target sign. If the targeted player dies, the target will be shifted to the one with the second highest score and so on. However, when the match first starts or when scores tie, the player whose name is first in the alphabet will be the first target (e.g. Player Azure69's name starts with "Az", while player Adrian2141's starts with "Ad". Adrain2141 will be the first target, and Azure69 will be next). The target symbols can be seen through walls by anyone, making it easier for the Chaser to seek out and kill targeted players and for normal players to defend them should they choose to. 041b061a72


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