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How To Buy Boeing Stock

Most analysts agree with J.P. Morgan here; the stock boasts a Strong Buy consensus rating, based on 15 Buys vs. 3 Holds. The average target is more bullish than Seifman will permit; at $218.24, the figure represents one-year returns of 51%. (See Boeing stock forecast on TipRanks)

how to buy boeing stock


Boeing Co stock last closed at $211.04, up 1.48% from the previous day, and has increased 8.28% in one year. It has overperformed other stocks in the Aerospace & Defense industry by 0.11 percentage points. Boeing Co stock is currently +86.73% from its 52-week low of $113.02, and -4.65% from its 52-week high of $221.33.

Shares have held up better than the broader market so far in 2023, rising 6.6% to far outpace the 0.8% year-to-date gain recorded by the Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund (NYSE:XLI), which tracks a market cap-weighted index of industrial-sector stocks drawn from the S&P 500.

Shares, which rallied throughout January and February along with the tech-heavy Nasdaq, are up a massive 47.4% thus far in 2023. Notwithstanding the recent turnaround, the stock remains approximately 88% below the July 2021 record peak of $490.76.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, I am short on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 via the ProShares Short S&P500 (NYSE:SH) and ProShares Short QQQ (NYSE:PSQ). I regularly rebalance my portfolio of individual stocks and ETFs based on ongoing risk assessment of both the macroeconomic environment and companies' financials. The views discussed in this article are solely the opinion of the author and should not be taken as investment advice.

"I would caution investors that if they're looking at the Dow and saying, 'Well, the Dow has seen such a terrible decline.' Be very careful of trying to handpick the investments that that might find a bottom first. Rather than do that, look at just generally the ETF. The Dow at some point will recover; all 30 stocks may not be the same," said Tatro.

"It's too early to bottom fish in the hardest hit stocks. Looking at the constituents within the Dow, this means high momentum names like Microsoft could continue to outperform versus low momentum names like Exxon Mobil," Wald said. "You can see a real stark difference in their trend where you have Microsoft really just correcting back into summertime lows of last year while Exxon is at its lowest point since 2002."

As an iconic American aerospace and defense company, Boeing (NYSE:BA) has had its share of ups and downs. BA stock has historically been a good bet in the long term, but timing is essential.

Currently, Boeing is undergoing a realignment among its business divisions. Plus, the company is experiencing delays in the production of some of its jets. Yet, at the same time, BA stock recently hovered near its 52-week high.

He also believes the S&P 500 (SPX) could surge to 4,625 this year. Needless to say, the stock market is showing signs of a recovery. Key risk factors such as supply-chain woes and inflationary pressure are starting to moderate, which has drawn the attention of investors and analysts alike.

Turning to Wall Street, Boeing earns a Moderate Buy consensus rating based on 10 Buys and four Holds assigned in the past three months. The average BA stock price target of $218.77 suggests 5.05% upside potential.

Turning to Wall Street, Alphabet earns a Strong Buy consensus rating based on nine Buys assigned in the past three months. The average GOOGL stock price target of $126.13 suggests 35.4% upside potential.

Boeing (NYSE: BA) has taken shareholders on a wild ride over the past few months. Boeing stock crashed from nearly $300 in early March to a low of $89 on March 18 before rebounding to over $180 barely a week later. Shares of the aerospace giant then settled in a trading range of roughly $120 to $150 for the next two months before ripping higher in June.

Boeing stock finished the month of May at $145.85 but surged to $230.50 by the end of trading last Monday: good for a 58% gain in just six trading days. But the stock pulled back violently over the following three days, plunging 26% -- including a 16% drop on Thursday.

Some investors may see this week's pullback as a new opportunity to buy Boeing stock while it's on sale. That looks like a mistake, though. Boeing's business could remain weak for the foreseeable future compared to the record results it posted just two years ago.

A big reason for Boeing stock's surge earlier this month was growing optimism about a rebound in air travel demand. Indeed, while air travel is still a long way from returning to pre-pandemic levels, there have been solid signs of sequential improvement.

On the bright side, the 737 MAX does seem likely to be recertified within the next few months. (That's another reason why Boeing stock rallied off its mid-March lows.) Boeing also continues to have a robust backlog of 3,776 firm orders for the 737 family: mainly for the 737 MAX.

Boeing will need to keep its dividend and buybacks suspended in the near term, so that it can devote all of its free cash flow to debt reduction. But with cash flow likely to be quite weak, this process could take four or five years. The resulting inability to return capital to shareholders will remove a big reason why Boeing stock was so popular with investors in recent years.

Global air travel should bounce back from the unprecedented setback it has experienced in 2020 within a few years. However, Boeing's cash flow is unlikely to recover to 2018 levels at any point in the next decade. As a result, Boeing stock would have to fall a lot further to be attractive as a long-term investment. There are far better opportunities elsewhere in the market right now.

10 stocks we like better than BoeingWhen investing geniuses David and Tom Gardner have a stock tip, it can pay to listen. After all, the newsletter they have run for over a decade, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has tripled the market.*

Despite inflation rising and the Fed raising interest rates, Boeing stock has risen 2% over the last twelve months. But can it drop from here? See how low Boeing stock can go by comparing its decline in previous market crashes. Here is a performance summary of all stocks in previous market crashes.

The scale of the bailout, as projected by most of the eight analysts who spoke to Newsweek, is likely to stoke a growing political controversy over share buybacks in which companies transfer cash to stockholders instead of building up reserves or investing in their business.

Six of the seven companies have seen their shares slump more than 60 percent this year, twice as fast as the S&P 500, which has dropped 30 percent. Southwest, the best performing stock in the group, fell 37 percent.

All analysts expect the government to intervene and support the industry. The view is widely held. Goldman Sachs upgraded Boeing's stock to a "buy" rating over the weekend, citing its survival prospects.

The body said that if Congress agreed, participating carriers would not furlough employees or conduct reductions in force through August 31. The letter also said carriers would limit executive compensation, plus eliminate stock buybacks and stock dividends for the life of the loans.

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) shareholders (or potential shareholders) will be happy to see that the President, David Calhoun, recently bought a whopping US$4.0m worth of stock, at a price of US$159. That increased their holding by a full 183%, which arguably implies the sort of confidence required for a shy sweet-natured nerd to ask the most popular kid in the school to go out on a date.

It is good to see recent purchasing. And an analysis of the transactions over the last year also gives us confidence. But on the other hand, the company made a loss during the last year, which makes us a little cautious. When combined with notable insider ownership, these factors suggest Boeing insiders are well aligned, and that they may think the share price is too low. While we like knowing what's going on with the insider's ownership and transactions, we make sure to also consider what risks are facing a stock before making any investment decision. To assist with this, we've discovered 1 warning sign that you should run your eye over to get a better picture of Boeing.

With a new aircraft fleet on tap this year (the 737 Max 9), and a fresh financial tailwind at its back for the nation's No. 1 aircraft manufacturer, the question is this: Just how high can Boeing stock fly?

Boeing stock at a glance. Founded in 1916, Boeing operates in four segments: commercial airplanes; defense, space and security; global services; and Boeing Capital. Each area is currently contributing to company growth, as Boeing reported a backlog of orders totaling $488 billion in the fourth quarter of 2017. Boeing reported that it delivered a record 763 aircraft in 2017 and it expects to deliver between 810 and 815 aircraft in 2018.

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg credits the sharp upturn in BA stock to a philosophical shift in the aerospace sector. In a CNBC interview, he noted that the industry has morphed from being a high-cycle business in the past" to "a long-term sustained growth business."

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