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Wesley Gomez
Wesley Gomez

You Buy We Fry On Baldwin

Party at Baldwin Creek Lodge Featuring Live Entertainment, Fish Fry by StealthCraft and other great food fun available. Food and Fellowship Starts at 7pm, Music at 9, come hang out and enjoy.

you buy we fry on baldwin

Come have your boat blessed at 8:A.M. at get a souvenir shirt, then we float the Big Manistee River Tippy Dam to High Bridge, if you have a jet you can jet up from Highbridge, if you have a drift boat you can float with the group, free car shuttle if you join the group, free shirt and more great free food and fun back at Saturday Night. Starting at 5p.m. there will be a demos from our vendors and suppliers, fishing rods, reels, boat suppliers at Baldwin Creek Lodge. Food and fellowship starting at 7p.m., there will be giveaways after dinner the night of the blessing. Lots of Swag and Info on our Boats and Lots of Fun available! 041b061a72


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