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Strong Heart Ep 22 Eng Sub

strong heart is an unconventional romantic comedy but it doesn't lose sight of what i think makes rom-coms enjoyable. hopefully the english adaptation keeps that. i like the way they contrast jung myung with the other lead characters.

Strong Heart Ep 22 Eng Sub

dong-mae told hee-sung that ju was not in the past, and it was now time to see him for what he is now. he was too complacent when he should've been waking up and taking responsibility for his life. ju was not in the past. hee-sung is not in the past. dong-mae was right, the past has made hee-sung weak and lost out on his chance to be a different person from the person he is now. he gets to live and continue to live because of his friends and family. he was not in the past. dong-mae was right. we can't just live in the past and remain the same. we need to let go of our past and come into the present and be the best we can be for the people around us. my friends have been my family.

hina came into ae-shin's hospital room and gave him a pep talk, telling him that it's time to live on, to live for the people he loves. she didn't give him the tools to do that until now. she told him to open his heart and be brave. i was so happy to see all of the seunggi laughs, he's so funny and he could be even funnier with a better translation, but still making his points. this is one of the reasons i love the show.

dong-mae was right. our family is not the same as it was before, so we need to move on as we have changed. ae-shin has become stronger. he has the courage to live in his heart again. he has a lot of strength in him still. ae-shin once told ju that he can only be himself and be who he truly is. he can't be someone he's not meant to be and find happiness. that was 20 years ago now and still a very important lesson for ae-shin. ju now has the courage to live in his heart, to open up his heart as ae-shin once did. ju used to think he had to hide himself, that he had to live a lie, that he had to lie to himself and others but he isn't the same person he was when ju, in essence, broke. ju learned his lesson. a man should live his life with all the intensity he has and be the person he wants to be. ae-shin never knew ju's pain until he saw ju this way. ju never knew ae-shin's pain before they helped each other heal. now there's no stopping them.


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