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Mit diesen Tipps findest du die perfekten Ballermann Schlager Midi für deine Playlist

The website of the Ballermann is currently unavailable. The club is known to have hosted a significant number of international pop acts, but it was probably closed down by authorities in the summer of 2018 due to a series of alleged health code violations, including blood donations from the club's customers and livestock that were raised on the premises.

ballermann schlager midi kostenlos zum runterladen


Back on the topic of Ballermann, you can find a pretty decent overview in our articles listed below, and also on the huge Masterlist of the BBC. Its also worth mentioning that ballermann was one of the first artists to have a hit record with the hit song Zwogej (a Germanism meaning two people). The song was only a minor hit, however, and also the number of followers were very small, but later became an important influence to the foundation of a musical genre called (fake) pop.

The first recording of Ballermann is from the year 1947, when the group recorded the song Immer bin ich dabei (translated as I always am there). Shortly after, the group went under the name of Lucky Strike. In the following years, the group released a lot of singles, but only one album, named Homage to America which was released in 1952. The group wanted to change its name to v.i.p., but unfortunately it was already trademarked by another group named v.i.p. Lucky Strike claimed the name would still be legally usable for them, and thus the name-change was rejected by the court. However, Lucky Strike recorded another album in 1954, but without the group itself but using individual members under the name of Ballermann. It was the first time Ballermann was used as a group name. Also in 1954 the group released its most famous song, which was called Immer und immer wieder (translated as I always and always again).


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