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The Spike - Volleyball Story: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Do you enjoy playing sports games whether in reality or online? Do you have a favorite sport that you love playing or watching on TV? Are you a fan of volleyball games? Enjoying sports games does not entirely depend on athleticism. In fact, one can still have fun with sports by watching their favorite teams play in matches. So if you belong to the latter group, then you must give The Spike Volleyball Story PC a try.

the spike - volleyball story


As the name implies, The Spike Volleyball Story PC is a 2D sports platformer published by DAERISOFT. Diehard volleyball fans would probably notice that this sports game took inspiration from the Power Spikes video games in the past. The gameplay for The Spike Volleyball Story PC is straightforward. It features similar rules as that of an actual beach volleyball match. Here, you will be competing in 2v2 matches inside a volleyball stadium.

The Spike Volleyball Story PC is designed with intuitive controls. Four buttons are present at the bottom of the screen. Each one allows you to perform basic volleyball moves including receiving, diving, and spiking. However, be warned; despite the simple controls, it takes continuous practice and game sessions to fully master Spike Volleyball. Can you create and polish your signature move on the court?

The Spike - Volleyball Story is a sports game developed by DAERISOFT that allows you to experience the exciting world of volleyball through a story-based gameplay. The game features a variety of characters and teams that you can interact with, train, and compete against.

In The Spike - Volleyball Story, you control a team of volleyball players, improving their skills through training and participating in matches against other teams. It offers a variety of different modes including a campaign mode, and various mini-games. You can collect and train various players with unique skills and abilities, and build the ultimate team.

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The Spike - Volleyball Story game follows the story of a young and talented volleyball player who dreams of becoming the best in the world. The plot revolves around your journey to achieve this dream, as you face various challenges and obstacles along the way. The game starts with you creating your character and assembling a team of volleyball players to compete in various matches and tournaments.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter rival teams and players who will challenge their skills and abilities. Throughout the game, you will have the opportunity to train your team and improve their skills, as well as recruit new players with unique abilities. The game's story mode is presented in a visual novel style, with dialogue and cutscenes that drive the plot forward.

The overall gameplay experience of The Spike - Volleyball Story game by DAERISOFT is engaging and enjoyable. The game offers a mix of visual novel-style storytelling and simulation-style gameplay that is well-suited for fans of volleyball and sports simulations. The story mode is well-written and offers interesting characters and plot twists that keep players hooked. The customization options add a personal touch to the gameplay.

Leaving Auto Mode on will disable the left joystick as your players will move on their own. You will be left with 5 buttons on the match screen to perform different actions. These are the slide button, the short spike button, the receiver button, the long spike button, and the serve button. While the omission of the left joystick is the only visual difference, the controls will be very different when you utilize both assistive modes of gameplay.

Beyond all that, growing overly accustomed to both the Beginner Mode and Auto Mode may later on hamper the growth and development of your skills. At some point, you will have to switch off both options and learn to play manually. It is okay to test the easy mode out with a couple of games but on the latter part of the story adventure and the tournaments, manual play is the best way to go.

During the tutorial session or the first level of the story mode, you can almost earn a score with every successful spike. However, as you face stronger teams and compete in the tournament, you will discover just how challenging it becomes to prevent opponents from scoring and earning points for your team as well. Although you can learn as you go through the story mode, the training sessions provided can help you focus specifically on the aspects of the game that you need to work more on. Again, you cannot engage in training mode until you visit the settings and turn off auto mode.

Training mode does not just give you time to raise your proficiencies across the different skills you need to hone in the volleyball court. Accomplishments of tasks within each training session can also earn you some coins. Once you click on the training icon at the lower left side of the screen, you will be able to readily choose from among 5 different training sessions: spike training, receiving training, blocking training, serve training, and a training against an actual opponent.

Spike training is a basic necessity and going through it again and again should considerably improve succeeding spikes you throw down at your opponents. With auto mode and beginner mode turned off, it can be surprisingly challenging to even consistently execute a spike. With some training, your goal should evolve to go beyond consistently spiking the ball but also timing it better for a score.

If you peeked into the tournament early on, chances are that the way how some opponents block your spikes will leave you discombobulated. Some tall and powerful opponents will never allow any spike to go through regardless of what you do and the way they block almost always results in a point for them. In these cases, you will have to learn how to perform a diving receive. For this, you will have to use a run in before actually clicking on the receive button. It is tricky to master, but well worth the practice time and effort.

Once you are confident enough on the results of your training sessions across the first 4 options, you should put all those practice to test through the fifth and final training option, which is with an opponent. The setup is very much similar to the usual matches you engage in, although the difficulty is still below tournament level. If you manage to beat the opposing team in training, you should be confident enough to take on the story levels.

The initial tutorial session actually ends with you completing the first level of the story mode. There are a total of 18 stages and the weird part is that you do not necessarily have to play through each one in a progressive sequence. You can go and challenge stage 18 before you even take on stage 2. The stages, however, have increasing difficulty levels so chances are that you will not win on stage 18 at your current level and experience.

Depending on how much time and effort you invested in training, you can win through the early stages with ease, especially with both beginner mode and auto mode on. If you are ready to take on story mode without assistive controls, then you may want to reassess your skill level by challenging the first stage again.

Every win you manage to pull will earn you coins and as the quality of your play is rated between 1 to 3 stars, you can expect that a 3-star win will earn you the most coins. As an added bonus, you can earn volleyballs for beating each stage with a 3-star rating for the first time. You can also replay any level for practice but 3-star ratings beyond the first will only earn you coins.

For the wing striker, the priority stat should always be power. Wing Strikers are naturally who you rely on for scores and higher power equates to stronger spikes. If you feel the need for more speed, investing in it helps as well. You may occasionally need it to position yourself better for sets. A bit of increase in jump power can help as well.

A Setter may appear to have the most self-explanatory role in the team, which is to set the ball up for his teammates to follow through with a spike. Setters are the only position with styles and the starting one has an aggressive style. Setters need to be able to prep a toss just about anywhere and speed is his or her most essential stat to build on. A bit of power and jump can help your Setter to some extent as well but maxing out speed should be a priority.

The 3 starting players you will have on your team are all grades C, B-, and B characters, respectively. You can click on the store button on the screen and recruit additional ones at random. It may take a while for you to have the means to recruit your first new player as it costs volleyballs to do so. You can recruit a random player for 50 volleyballs or recruit a random one for a specific position for 80 volleyballs. Higher grade characters will have higher ability point caps and can be expected to perform better than lower grade ones.

Even if you have spent some time across all training modules and beat all 18 stages of the story mode, the challenge level of the tournament can still be overwhelming. Not all the teams you go against have equal potential but each one can leave your ego bruised and battered if you are not prepared. The tournament is the ultimate test of everything you have learned and experienced so far and yet it is still the place where you can further hone your skills and strategies.

With volleyballs being a premium currency that are very challenging to earn, and being the exclusive means to obtain new players as well as new costumes, you would naturally want to get your hands on more of it as much as you can. Completing each story mode stage with a 3-star rating for the first time and winning a round in a tournament earns you volleyballs but those will certainly not be enough for all the items you would want to spend it on.


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