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One Piece Episode Of Nami 1080p

during the cloud 9 arc, she wore a white jacket and a black skirt. also in the cloud 9 arc, nami wore a dark blue wig with her usual high-heeled sandals. nami also wore a black wig with her usual high-heeled sandals during the zou's arc. in the episode, she wears a long-sleeved purple dress with a corset. it is quite obvious that she is a cat burglar, and one of the nine senior officers.

one piece episode of nami 1080p

during the mushroom kingdom arc, nami wore a green shirt with a black sash wrapped around her waist. she also wore her usual boots with no socks. during the new world arc, nami wears the same outfit, but with a green shirt and orange high-heeled sandals, and a white scarf wrapped around her neck. she has a very long ponytail, which she does not seem to notice when she is walking, but apparently changes the direction of her head.

during the story arc of the pre-dressrosa arc, nami wore a white blouse, a long sleeved black-striped shirt with a black collar, a black skirt, and orange high-heeled sandals. she also wore a red ribbon sash on her waist. she also wore a black scarf wrapped around her neck. she also wore gold gladiatorial sandals, which she had gotten from her sister, nojiko [18] . in order to escape from dressrosa, she wore her usual backless, high-heeled, orange sandals, a black vest, and a black scarf wrapped around her neck.

during the star-wars-like arlong park arc, nami wore a dress with very large, puffy pants legs and orange high-heeled sandals, with a gold log pose on the left arm. she also wore a black sash and a brown belt on her waist. during the timeskip, she wore white shorts and a black vest, and also wore a six-shooter holster belt with a necklace.


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