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Сборник рабочих программ школа россии 1-4 классы в элек

The high prevalence of the major behavioral factors of a risk to health: violation of the study leisure regimen, violation of dietary pattern and quality, low motor activity, smoking, frequent alcohol abuse, drug taste, and deteriorated family microclimate, was revealed in middle and senior schoolchildren from Moscow, Kaliningrad, and Murmansk. Proposals are given to mold healthy lifestyle in adolescents and to optimize their hygienic education at general educational establishments.

Сборник рабочих программ школа россии 1-4 классы в элек

The paper provides a comparative analysis of some morphofunctional parameters and their trends during education of the students at the Tyva State University. The antropometric studies of the total body sizes and their relative parameters have revealed that the Tuva students show a lower absolute stature, force parameters of dynamometry and the respiratory system. The morphofunctional parameters have a wide range of variability that is determined by not only age-gender-related features, but also regional features.


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