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Rhyme time


Rhyme time Is a fun and interactive hour-long session, which runs on a weekly basis from Sept to June. Parents are encouraged to: • explore musical instruments by playing along with their children or demonstrating to their child how they can be used. • Nurture their child’s creativity and imagination when using musical instruments • Model actions for their child during movement activities • Use hand over hand to assist their child to do the actions in songs • Have fun and enjoy in their child’s musical expression Activities are structured to encourage different types of interactions be it using face to face to gain eye contact or naming different parts of the body. After the initial hello song which encourages turn-taking, this is followed by incorporating familiar physical movement and dance. The development of fine and gross motor skills, alongside social skills build excitement in the group. Quiet time allows participants to wind down, relax and cuddle with their child thereby providing numerous opportunities to bond together. Rhythm, rhyme and repetition naturally help to boost a child’s language and literacy skills, thereby enabling the child to verbalise actual words.


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